Commission time: It’s ‘That Infidel Piece’!

It’s been a long time I know since I’ve had chance to update you on recent commission projects, but I’d like to share with you my most recent and most significant commission piece from the not so distant back end of 2014.

Sarah Denny - That Infidel Piece - Front View

Sarah Denny - That Infidel Piece - in progress








‘That Infidel Piece’ is a centerpiece specially commissioned for the historical Girton College in Cambridge – and what a HUGE project it was! The raised and forged 12 separate components were little complete pieces in themselves – fine winding sections alongside heavy chunky curves – all worked tightly against models and line drawings. Most problematic and testing was the final process of building together these unconventional pieces, which were joined by 42 rivets, through 82 fine drill holes! Many hands were needed at that early stage to be able to build together the ‘base’ pieces, and a heartfelt thanks goes out to my neighbour apprentice for her unwavering assistance at that point!

Sarah Denny - That Infidel Piece - detail

To find out more about the design of the project and of course about what its title means (!), please click here to view the portfolio piece further.



About sarah denny

Sarah Denny is a silversmith committed to hand making silver vessels using traditional hammering techniques. Her work consists of one-off, sculptural objects, which emphasise the beauty of form in silver. Enthused by the natural growth and development within her country surroundings of North Yorkshire, Sarah strives to create finished pieces which are sophisticated, beautiful and sometimes curious in form.
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